Engage & Grow

Team Building Workshops

A fully engaged workplace has...


Higher Profitability


Higher Productivity


Lower Staff Turnover


Lower Absenteeism

Re-focus and re-energize your staff.

Our Engage & Grow Programs are weekly facilitated group sessions that focus on optimizing systems, behaviors, and culture within your organization. We do this through Group Activation System methodology.

All meetings are designed to captivate and entertain your key people, while strategically developing new habits and behaviors.

We start by developing 12 Engagement Keys that are customized to your business. We then track these keys for each employee. This highly transparent and accountable process quickly creates movement within your organization.

Our Engagement Strategists will lead the entire process from start to finish, while taking the day-to-day pressures off your business owners and managers.

Hear from our clients.

Engage & Grow helped Biomat USA enhance their leadership.

Biomat USA wanted to enhance their leaders’ teamwork and build a results-driven culture. Their Director of Operations, Kris Jonas, says that Engage & Grow accomplished this goal while improving the leadership capabilities of Biomat USA’s team members.

Engage & Grow helped the interstate MTE Communications team to communicate more effectively.

MTE Communications hired Deliberate Directions to help their team improve internal communication. Their Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Farrington, says that Engage & Grow helped MTE’s staff learn more about each other’s communication styles so that they could better communicate as a team.

Dennis’s administrative assistant, Courtney Stevensen, appreciated that Engage & Grow helped MTE’s team “branch out of their comfort zone, but in a comfortable way.”

See results in as little as a week.

Increased Productivity

Efficiency Boosts Up to 300%

Lower Staff Turnover

Promotion of Quality Staff Members

Increased Performance

Faster Pace and Higher Profits

Improved Workplace

Happier Employees and Managers

Customize the program for your company.

Our programs are tailored to your individual team’s needs.

First, take a look through our 6 base programs. Then send us an email to set up a time to discuss what you’d like to achieve in your company.

After we discuss your goals, we’ll craft a workshop program that perfectly fits your organization and your objectives. In addition to helping companies, we’ve adapted these workshops for school administrations, sports teams, nonprofits, and more.

Our Engage & Grow programs work equally well regardless of whether we run the program near our headquarters in Idaho or whether we work with your team remotely through Zoom.

12 Weeks

Signature Training

Delivered in one hour per week, this program provides outstanding results every time, as evidenced by our pre, mid and post program employee engagement surveys.

Designed For

1 company
6-12 coworkers

16 Weeks

Multiple Business Engagement

Dramatically improve your team’s engagement levels in a fun, energetic environment.

Designed For

2+ companies
6-12 group participants

12-52 Weeks

Leader of Leaders: Communication

This is a 1-on-1 program to prepare you to build a team. This program helps you increase your influence and your employees’ commitment.

Designed For


6-12 Weeks

Leadership for Women

Based on the Signature program, this program unites the workplace by developing women’s leaderships skills. Strategically develop new sales, habits and behaviors.

Designed For

1+ companies
6-12 participants
Led by and designed for women

6-12 Weeks

Millennial Employee Engagement

Transform your business culture by engaging your company’s millennials. The program unlocks their creativity and embraces their drive and enthusiasm to create a dynamic workplace with inspired leaders.

Designed For

1 company
6-12 participants

Design the perfect program for your team.

We can run a single 5-hour workshop for your employees, or we can work with your team over the course of a year.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Ready to strengthen your teams?

We’re excited to help! Email us or book a free 30-minute consultation so we can set up the perfect program for your organization.