9 Signs You Are in Great Company

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Who you surround yourself with can influence your energy, your attitude, how you spend your time, the decisions that you make, your perspective of your life and the world.  They can even change your view of yourself. That is why it is so important to be mindful of the company you keep. The adage that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with is a vitally important declaration. 

Your friends and colleagues who want you to do great things are the ones who empower you and push you to become your very best self. They inspire you to raise your standards and to believe in yourself. When you spend time with them, you feel better for it.

Alternatively, we all have people in our life who complain, make excuses, blame others for their circumstances and view everything through a scarcity driven or negative lens.  They make poor choices and if you hang around them, they create problems for you.  In short, they are bad company.

“Great company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.”

Here are 9 signs that you are in great company:

1. They are connectors.

They connect you to others in their network, other great people, that they feel you should know too.  They introduce you in an authentic way that immediately builds rapport and is met with a responsive, warm welcome. 

2. They are selfless.

They make time for you. They are highly engaged when you spend time together and they are more interested in you then talking about themselves.  The relationship is mutually balanced and mutually beneficial.

3. They are abundant.

They share invaluable insights, experiences, expertise, and advice abundantly.  They generously share their time and expertise.  Their glass is not half empty or half full – it is refillable.

4. They keep their promises.

They follow through on the promises they make.  If they are unable to, they inform you right away. Their honor is as good as their word. They believe that following through is a pillar of a trusting relationship.

5. They are supportive.

They do not judge even if they may have a differing opinion or perspective.  They are eager to understand your perspective and opinion. They welcome differing points of view and believe that diverse thinking leads to better outcomes.

6. They are honest.

They are honest with their thoughts and feelings.  Their honesty is kind and endearing.  They have developed an ability to share constructive feedback in a graceful way that builds trust and upmost respect in your relationship. They have unwavering integrity, and you know that they will be truthful with you.

7. They are solution oriented.

They see problems or challenges as opportunities. They focus on the possibilities, instead of complaining, blaming, or criticizing.   They focus on productive, positive ways that they can improve or be part of the solution.   Their mantra is that if I’m unwilling to do something about it, I have no right complaining about it. 

8. They are a great influence.

They make you want to be a better person.  They encourage you to grow, learn and make choices that help you achieve your goals.  They have positive habits that demonstrate a healthy way of life in all areas including– relationships, health, wealth, family, fun, spirituality and community – both professionally and personally.  They are continually learning and growing, and they help you grow. They make you feel empowered, refreshed, sharper and smarter for being around them.

9. They sincerely care.

They are the people in your life that appreciate you for who you are and support your goals and ambitions.  They are happy for your success and achievements.  They will have your back and be the wind beneath your wings when things do not go as planned.  They are the first to encourage you to keep doing great things.

Ultimately, you become – as good or as great – as the people you surround yourself with, so be deliberate about who you let in your circle. 

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